Janhvi kapoor sidelining her mom in glamor .. cool fans watching her in a swimsuit

Sexy Janhvi kapoor in black swimsuit sitting near pool

Sridevi was a popular actress in Tamil cinema. Although all the films she acted in were well received by the fans, she made good use of the huge number of film opportunities available in Hindi and acted in many films.

Currently his daughter Janhvi kapoor is also starring in a few films in Hindi. He is currently amassing opportunities to act in a number of films. He chooses and acts only in films with good storytelling.

All the actresses in Hindi cinema have not hesitated to show their glamor and in that line Janhvi kapoor has been releasing many glamorous photos regularly. But many of the fans are shocked as more and more sexy photos are being released.

Janhvi kapoor Very Sexy Photo, Janhvi kapoor hot Bikini pics

Sridevi has a special place for herself in cinema. But many are saying that Janhvi kapoor Sridevi will get a bad name when she sees her daughter constantly posting sexy photos. But Janhvi kapoor is doing everything he can without worrying about it at all.

Janhvi kapoor is currently posting a very sexy photo on her social media page.

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