Review: "Pushpa- The Rise" - Despite the slogan .. Bunny impressed with the characterization!

Pushpa the rise2021 review, pushpa movie 2021

Release Date: December 17, 2021

IMDB Rating: 3/5

Cast: Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, 
Samantha (Special Song), Fahad Fazil, Dhanunjay, 
Sunil, Rao Ramesh, Ajay Ghosh, Anasuya Bhardwaj etc.

Directed by: Sukumar

Producers: Naveen Erneni, Y Ravishankar

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Mirosla Cuba Brozek

Editing: Karthika Srinivas R

Icon star Allu Arjun and creative director Sukumar have teamed up for the highly acclaimed film 'Pushpa- The Rise'. Starring Rashmika Mandanna as the heroine, the film stars Sunil, Anasuya, Dhanunjaya and Fahad Fazil in pivotal roles. The film was released on a huge scale today as a Pan India movie. And let's go into the review and see how this movie is.

Movie Story:

As the son of Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun), he grew up with a lot of humiliation and suffering in the society without even a surname. Pushparaj started his career as a laborer in a gang smuggling red sandalwood and with his bravery became a partner to the gang leader Kondareddy (Ajay Ghosh). In the midst of some dramatic developments that followed, Errachandanam Syndicate Head confronted Mangalam Sreenu (Sunil). Pushparaj transforms himself into Syndicate Head. How did Pushparaj fall in love with Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna) in the meantime and win her love? How did he marry her? Also who is the person who is targeting Pushparaj who has put Errachandanam Syndicate in Guppit? What was the problem of Pushpa Raj with the original Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahad Fazil)? Is the rest of the story.

Plus points:

The first part of 'Pushpa', which came with huge expectations as 'Taggade Lay', lived up to those expectations. It did not fall short in high voltage action drama and grand visuals. The main emotions of the story, the shades of the bunny character, the elastic love track with Rashmika Mandanna, as well as the wild background .. Errachandanam main action sequences in the background .. Thus Sukumar has done every character, every track very well. The elevation scenes in the Bunny character in particular are particularly entertaining.

Allu Arjun played the role of 'Pushpa Raj'. Bunny excels in Rough and Mass Avatar like never before. It really seemed very natural that the right shoulder was bent. Bunny - Rashmi's on-screen chemistry is also great. Rashmika Mandanna Dee as Srivalli also looked very beautiful in her glamor look. In terms of acting, Rashmika has taken another step with this film.

The special song performed by the heroine Samantha was whistled in theaters. Fahad Fazil's performance in the pivotal role is very settled and good. Sunil has made a new appearance as Mangalam Srinu. This is a role that will stand out in Sunil's career. Anasuya's acting as Dakshayani is also good. As well as the rest of the cast did full justice to their roles.

Minus points:

Pushparaj's character, story background, as well as the portrayal of other characters, the performance of the cast is good .. In terms of narration, Sukumar played a very slow game in starting the story. Emotions between characters are well established but in some places they feel like melodrama. In addition to this, the growing number of characters, the voice over coming in introducing the characters over and over again, as well as the unnecessary discussion for comedy here and there does not suit the level of the film.

The second half of the movie, however, was very sloppy. Basically the gripping narration is missed in some scenes. Although the theme is new, some scenes are routine. Smuggling scenes are often used as a reminder that the film is set against the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling. The obstacles and attacks faced by the hero from the police also went completely cinematic. They also failed to put an end to the interest in the second part. The conflict between Pushparaj and Bhanwar Singh should have been even stronger.

Technical Department:

When it comes to technology .. the music provided by Devi Sri Prasad is very impressive. Songs like ‘Dakko Dakko Meka’, ‘Srivalli’, ‘Sami’, ‘Aaye Bidda’ are all good. However, of all the songs, the song 'Oo Antawa .. Uhu Antawa' is still entertaining the audience. The background music provided by Devi was the lifeblood of the film. Kuba Brojek Cinematography work is very good. Very realistic, Kuba showed every scene very beautifully with grand visuals.

If editor Karthik Srinivas had reduced the slow scenes in the film .. it would have been a great plus for the film. Producers Naveen Erneni and Ravishankar.Y made the film massively in the National Range without compromising anywhere. Construction values ​​are very good. Sukumar was impressed as a writer but as a director.


Pushparaj, who came up with different shades in the high voltage emotional action drama 'Thaggade Lay', was very impressed. The movie gave a full kick to Bunny fans. Also interesting are the hero characterization and the grand visuals, love track, red sandalwood main action sequences are good. If not, some scenes are sloppy, there is no ending that can take the interest to the climax on the 2nd part, and some scenes are minuscule for the film. Overall, the film feels average to the audience. But Bunny is giving fans a good feeling.

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