Atrangi Re Review: Atrangi Re Movie Review & Rating, sara ali khan's performance!

Atrangi re (2021) Movie Review, stills

Atrangi Re Review: Atrangi Re Movie Review & Rating!

IMDB Rating: 3.5 / 5

Release Date: December 24, 2021

Starring: Dhanush, Sara Alikhan, Akshay Kumar etc.

Director: Anand L. Roy

Music Director: A.R. Rahman

Cinematography: Pankaj Kumar

Producer: Anand L. Roy - Bhushan Kumar

Banner: T. Series - Cape of Good Films

Dhanush-Akshay Kumar-Sara Ali Khan starrer "Atrangi Re" directed by Anand L. Roy. Rahman composed the music for the film, which opens as a typical triangle love story. The released trailer and songs have created remarkable expectations on the film. Despite the theatrical release planned .. Hot Star was released today due to uncooperative conditions. Let's see how this triangle love story is .. !!

Atrangi re (2021) Movie Review, stills images

Movie Story:

Vishu (Dhanush), a final year MBBS student in Delhi. When he goes to Bihar as part of a college trip, he is forced to marry Rinku (Sarah Ali Khan). Due to that, his marriage to his beloved Mandakini (Dimple Hayati) is canceled.

If cut .. Rinku, who was forced into marriage, also falls in love with a magician named Sajjad (Akshay Kumar). Cancel the marriage with the girl he loves .. The married girl is suffering from depression to ignore him.

However .. Rinku - Sajjad's love has an unexpected twist. What's the twist? The love story of Vishu-Rinku-Sajjad is the storyline of which shore it finally reached.

Movie Cast:

Dhanush, Akshay Kumar should talk about Sara Alikhan first. Played a very complex role as simple. It's a character that makes everyone understand that Sarah is such a good actress. The climax is sure to bring tears to the eyes of every spectator along with her. Not to mention how great an actor Dhanush is. In this movie too, he lived up to his role as Vishu with his acting prowess.

He pretended to wonder if he could hide so much love in his mind. And Akshay Kumar, the most senior actor of all, is actually like a special character. Added in a character with a little twist. His character approach is crucial to the film. The actor who entertained after these three was Ashish Verma.

Atrangi re (2021) Movie Review, stills shots

Technical Group Performance: 

Director Anand L. Roy's films all run with a different emotion. His previous film "Zero" alone failed to impress the audience but .. the rest of the films impressed the audience in a remarkable way. Anand repeated the magic again with "Atrangi Ray". Anand, who projected & promoted the film as a triangle love story and was half successful, was a complete success with the way he dealt with that twist. The way Akshay Kumar's character was molded not only gave the audience an unexpected twist but also left an indelible impression on everyone's minds.

Anand L. Roy did his PhD in reading the girl's mind. Anand heartily captures the loneliness of a lonely girl, an imagination to lose the pain in her mind, how she really only adapts to believing. This type of concept is not new .. but the deal approach to that concept is new. That novelty not only sets director Anand L. Roy apart from the rest of the directors but also makes them stand out. Above all, Anand received the honor of being the most successful crew member who worked for the film by putting the names of all of them on the end credits as "A Film By".

After Anand, AR Rahman played a key role in the success of the film. He enlivened the film with his songs and background music. The author Himanshu Sharma's approach to storytelling should also be commended. Rather than the idea of ​​writing a story like this .. the approach to putting that idea into practice is amazing.


The feeling of having seen a good movie is very rare. Atrangi Ray is a film that gives such a feeling. Sarah Alikhan, Dhanush, Akshay Kumar's excellent acting, Anand L. Roy deal with the approach, Rahman music .. This is a wonderful set of the film. Be sure to check out this fantastic movie king streaming on Hot Star.

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