It's your turn .. Milky Beauty "Tamanna" has made a new challenge ..!

Tamanna Bhatia Scenes from Kodthe, Tamanna Instagram Pics

Tamanna was first introduced to the Telugu film industry through Sri Cinema starring Manchu Manoj as the hero. After that she made a name for herself with her performance in the film Happy Days directed by Shekhar Kammula.

Through that film, Tamanna got the opportunity to act in many Telugu movies. Milky Beauty is captivating the hearts of youngsters with her beauty.

Tamanna has also acted opposite famous heroes in Tollywood.

Tamanna has done a special song in the movie 'Sarileru Nikevvaru' starring Mahesh Babu. Recently, Tamanna has also hosted the "Master Chef" cooking show for a while. Tamanna is also making her mark not only on the silver screen but also on the digital screen. Tamanna has made a name for herself on the digital screen with her Stories' web series.

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Currently Tamanna will be seen on the big screen through F3 movie. Varun Sandesh as the hero and Kiran Korrapati as the director in the upcoming movie "Gani" boxing which is going to be released in the background. The movie is said to be released on March 18. It is known that Milky Beauty Tamanna did the item song in the movie. Released on the 16th of the month, it entertained everyone.

Recently, Tamanna challenged everyone through Instagram. On Instagram, Tamanna posted a video of herself stepping on a song from the movie Gani.

Through the video, Tamanna dances to the challenge. In the video, Tamanna wears a black crop top and black baggy pants.

This is also the way the film is being promoted.

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