Lakshya Movie Review, Ratings & News! know Ketika Sharma's Performance in Theatre

Lakshya 2021 Full Telugu Movie Review, Ratings & News - How impressive is the film to the audience? Know Ketika Sharma's Performance in Theatre.

Release Date: December 10, 2021
IMDB Rating: 2.5 / 5
Starring: Nagashourya, Ketika Sharma, Jagapathibabu etc.
Director: Dhirendra Santosh Jagarlamudi
Music Director: Kala Bhairava
Cinematography: Ram
Producer: Narayan Das Narang - Puskur Rammohan Rao - Sarath Marar
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cinemas - North Star Entertainment

Nagashourya's 20th film, which started shooting in 2020, was released in theaters today (December 10), giving shooting gaps due to Kovid. After "Ashwaddhama", Shaurya worked very hard and Ketika Sharma played the heroine in this film. Let's see how this movie entertained the audience with its archery storyline .. !!

Movie Story: 

Parthu (Nagashourya) is a young man with a bow at birth. Encouraged by his grandfather, he continues to train with the hope of becoming a nationally acclaimed archer. However .. with the death of his grandfather (Sachin Kedkar) who encouraged him so much .. he gets addicted to drugs. How did Pardhu get out of that drug intoxication? Was his grandfather able to achieve his wish and his aspiration? Or not? Is the storyline of the "target" movie.

Actors' performance: 

All the films that Shourya has done so far together .. "Lakshya" together. It is true that the characterization failed, but the heroic effort is to be commended. Showed three different variations. The difficulty he fell for the character appears throughout the second half. However, due to the lack of depth to the characterization, the heroic variations could not create a big impact. Ketika Sharma did justice to the glamor part. Jagapathibabu impressed in the key role. Sachin, Satya and Raviprakash entertained.

Technical Group Performance: 

Bhairava Magic, who enlivens every film with its background music, does not appear in the film. The songs are also soso. Ram cinematography work is good. While some frames are exceptional .. others are very new. It has to be said that Ram did full justice to the film after Shaurya. The artwork is great. It would have been nice to have been a little more careful when it comes to production design. Except for a few small mistakes, no big mistakes were made.

Director Santosh wanted to introduce a simple story to the audience with an extraordinary narrative. Though the idea is good .. there are many flaws in practice. Especially in the second half the emotion was clear. Unnecessary scenes sidelined the screenplay. However .. he got The Best Performance from the cast. So, even though he faltered as a narrator, he did not seem to mind as a director.

Movie Analysis: 

Without huge expectations .. A must watch movie for a different cinematic experience "Lakshya". Nagashourya is sure to see this film for a difficult, matured performance. The article would have been a good hit if it had done a little more work in terms of characterizations. Lacking them left a good effort.

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