Review, Rating & News: "Hero" - a thrilling comedy drama film, Know Nidhi Agarwal's Performance

Hero telugu movie review 2022

Release Date: January 15, 2022

IMDB Rating: 3/5

Star Cast: Ashok Galla, Nidhi Agarwal, Jagapathi Babu, Naresh, Wennela Kishore, Brahmaji, Satya

Directed by: Sriram Aditya T.

Producer: Padmavati Galla

Music Director: Gibran

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy, Richard Prasad

Editor: Praveen Pudi

Ashok Galla is another young and talented hero who was introduced to Tollywood from the superstar Krishna family. Nidhi Agarwal's latest movie "Hero" starring this young actor as the hero. Amidst good promotions and buzz these wallpapers were released as a gift. Let's find out now from our review of this movie!

Movie Story:

In the story, Arjun (Ashok Galla) is seen as a struggling actor in the industry as well as his girlfriend Subbu (Nidhi Agarwal). But one day while their lives are going on, Arjun receives a suspicious parcel. In it, Subbu wants to kill his father (Jagapathibabu) who is Arjun's lover. And what did Arjun do with this unexpected twist? Will you tell this thing to Subbu? Who sent that parcel so far? The answer to the question of why Jagapathibabu wants to kill the character is to see the film on the silver screen.

Plus points:

Ashok Galla has given good answers to the questions of how he would have done in his first film if he had spoken for the cast performances in the first place. Impressed with the appropriate elements in all the key scenes that need to adapt to his character. Ashok made a superb debut, especially in fight sequences and dance. He also looked good in the movie in terms of his looks and impressed with his good acting. Neither his dialogue delivery nor the comedy timing worked out well in the film. Overall though he provided everything that became of the film due to him.

Young beauty Nidhi Agarwal will also be giving a good treat to the audience. Impressed with the amazing looks while showing the dose of glamor in her again. Also good chemistry in some scenes with Ashok.

Actor Jagapathi Babu also appeared in a good role. It looks a bit different to the roles he has done recently. In it, Jaggu Bhai performed a solid performance. Yet actor Brahmaji also had a good screen space so he had a good laugh in his role. Also, the entertaining tracks of Satya and 'Vennela' Kishore make the audience laugh.

Aside from the cast, there are a few other things in the film that seem a bit interesting and entertaining. The film also has thrilling elements. It's a favorite of those who love thriller genre movies. There was also Hilarious Entertainment at the same time. The director screenplay in particular is impressive.

Hero 2022 Movie Review Ratings & News, Telugu Movie Hero 2022

Minus points:

As mentioned earlier, the story goes on till the first half with good thrilling elements in the film and arouses the interest of the audience. But the director could not put an end to this interest. Screening some scenes that are so illogical seems a bit silly.

No matter how comedic the suspense elements are, it feels perfect for the audience to see if they can logically put an end to it. That was missed in this movie. Also when a few twists are revealed the whole story turns out to be focused on entertainment which seems a bit sidetracked. It would have been nice if the climax had been even better designed as well.

Technical Category:

The production values ​​are a good highlight for this film, but the settings and visuals are good enough to suit the background of the film. Also the music given by the composer Gibran is good. The flow of songs is also set correctly. Also the cinematography work of Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad is good. Yet the dialogues in the entertaining episodes are good. Praveen Pudi Editing is okay.

When it comes to director Shriram Aditya's work, it must be said that he gave a good work to this film. The subject he took was all the more successful with fun in it. Especially his screenplay is impressive. Young hero Ashok made a good debut with his direction. If not he missed some logics but if they are put aside he will be successful as a director for this film.

Final Verdict:

All in all .. I can say that this "hero" will come in the ring of wallpapers and entertain the audience with decent comedy including good thrilling elements. Also the efforts made by Ashok Galla for his debut film are good. Yet this hero is the bridge to what lies ahead of the opportunity to improve himself. As well as the rest of the cast, including Nidhi, the performances and comedy episodes are definitely impressive. Leaving aside some logical errors, the ‘hero’ of the festival is well entertained.

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