Review & Ratings: Romantic - A fascinating romantic love story, Know Ketika's performance

Romantic (2021) Movie review, stills

Release Date: October 29, 2021

IMDB Rating: 3/5

Cast: Akash Puri, Ketika Sharma, Ramya Krishna, Uttej, Sunayana, Rama Prabha etc.

Director: Aneel Paduri

Producers: Puri Jagannath, Charmi

Music Director: Sunil Kashyap

Cinematography: Naresh Rana

Editor: Junaid Siddiqui

Puri Jagannath and Charmi's latest production romantic film, which has been in production for 2 years, has finally been released worldwide amid good buzz. This is the third film for Puri Jagannath's son Akash Puri as a hero. Instagram beauty Ketika Sharma will be making her acting debut as a heroine with this film.

Movie Story:

The story of this romantic film is set in the Goa drug mafia. Vasco da Gama (Akash Puri) is a street raffian in the film. He chooses crime to make money and fulfill his grandmother (Ramaprabha) dream. He and his childhood friend Annie join the gang as Lord Rodrigo, the most famous drug mafia in Goa. Soon Vasco becomes the King of Goa in the Goa Underworld. A young musician named Monica (Ketika Sharma) falls for the beauties.

After a drug deal fails, Vasco kills Rodriguez. He also declares himself king of the Mafia. In the process Akash kills an SI. At the same time a brutal ACP Ramya (Ramya Krishna) is transferred from Mumbai to Goa to catch Vasco. Will Ramya Krishna achieve what she set out to do? What happens to the relationship between Vasco and Monica? If you want to know the rest, you have to watch the movie.

Plus points:

Akash seems to have improved a lot compared to his previous films Andhra Pori and Mehbooba. He performed an amazing performance in this movie. His confident screen presence and dialogue delivery are the main highlight. In many key scenes, Akash shrugs off the film. Delhi Bhama Ketika Sharma is said to be gaining a lot of fans with her beauty. I have to say that her acting was very decent. This is her debut film.

Ramya Krishna played the key role in this film playing the role of Sincere Police. It has to be said that the story of this film is narrated correctly with Ramya voice over. The climax of the movie is very impressive. After watching this movie, the audience will come out with a good feeling. The love between Vasco and Monica is well shown. Hero Ram Pothineni appeared as Mass in a special song in Ustad Avatar.

Minus points:

Looking at the first half, there is no real meaning as to why the film was given a romantic title. The action plays a key role in the film until 15 minutes after the start of the second part. Needless to say it was not so romantic.

Also Akash is playing a minor role. His character is very silly and very simple in growing up in it. Fascinating on the beauty of the hero heroine back seems a bit cheap. It has to be said that such characters are ubiquitous in Puri Jagannath movies. The desire of the hero for the heroine and her move towards him does not seem believable.

Technical Aspects:

The romantic story gives you the feel of films like Pokiri, Shahrukh Khan Rais, Puri Jagannath 143. The story is nothing new, the film is based on the main characters. Characterizations, story setup, making and dialogues are all with Puri Mark. Director Anil Paduri has stepped into the industry with a good film. The cast seems to be well handled. Otherwise the script will be unnecessary and normal.

Music director Sunil Kashyap is one of the main pillars of a romantic film. In addition to the good songs in the film, the background music is well given. Editing is good, even cinematography is fine. Beautiful Goa beaches and some places are well filmed. Structural values ​​are appropriate to the story and level.

Final Verdict:

All in all, the romantic film is a fascinating drama. Puri Jagannath Mark appeared on the film. Along with Akash Puri's self-confidence and Ketika Sharma's glamor, Sunil Kashyap's songs are the main highlight of this extraordinary love story set in the drug mafia. It has to be said that this romantic movie stands out as a good entertainer this weekend. However, if you do not expect too much, you will enjoy the movie.

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