Sivani posted the photo of the bathtub in the presence of foam! Check out pics

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Shivani Narayanan became famous through serials like Day Moon, Kadakutty Singam aired on Vijay TV. He then competed in the fourth season of Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan.
Sivani teamed up with Balaji Murugadoss, who competed in the same Big Bash, and claimed that the two were in love. But both denied this outright.

Despite denying that the two are in love, fans have not accepted it and have been claiming on social media that it is true that they are still in love. Not only that but from time to time both of them are doing jokes like releasing some Tapsmash video, releasing a dance video.

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Shivani Narayanan bathtub pic, Shivani Narayanan  Instagram hot bath tub photoSivani, who is active on the social media page, has been posting her sexy photos regularly. But after a while he did not know what he was thinking and threw away the glamor and released only casual photos.
This aroused suspicion in many. On the one hand, she said that she would not publish sexy photos unless her boyfriend Balaji Murugadoss told her to. But Sivani has released a photo that is currently in the bath tub saying that there is no such thing. A few fans who saw it are currently projecting Sivani on social media.

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