The jackpot that hit Samantha by stabbing .. Do you know what they were fascinated by?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu- Salary increases

Usually any actress who rises to become the top actress in cinema will not agree to dance to an item song or a single song. Because no actress will agree to this for fear that the market will shrink if she only sings for one song or will be invited to dance to only one song continuously.

But top actress Samantha, who accepted this very boldly, for the first time stabbed only one item song in the film Pushpa. The song was a terrible hit, contrary to what other actresses thought. Unexpectedly, fans from all walks of life started celebrating this song.

Currently Samantha's market has gone somewhere with this song. It is said that Samantha was paid up to Rs 5 crore for this one song. Apart from this, due to this song, Samantha is currently accumulating Hindi film opportunities.

Many were already shocked to see Samantha's performance in the Family 2 web series. In this situation, the Bollywood directors who saw her performance in the song O Solriya may be queuing up to sign Samantha in their films.

In that regard, Samantha is currently under contract to star in three consecutive films with popular Bollywood production house Yash Raj Films. He has also increased his salary to Rs 5 crore. Producers may be willing to pay whatever salary Samantha has.

So now Samantha is happy and plans to get paid more for her upcoming films. Thus a few producers are in shock. But all the films starring Samantha have been getting good response recently.

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