Alekhya Harika: who burns in the pulp and is booked, See Viral Video

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Bigg Boss Fame, YouTube star Dettadi Harika alias Alekhya Harika is currently facing extreme trolling on social media. Having gained a lot of craze with the web series, short films, she hit the chance to participate in Bigg Boss 4 season with the same craze. The dialogues in the Telangana dialect have gained a lot of fans. Her stardom increased even more after Big Boss. In this context he is sharing a series of videos, reels as well as hot photoshoots on social media in his spare time.

The number of her fans as well as the following of the trolls has also increased in this order. The videos and photos she has shared have been widely criticized by Overax, but have also been criticized for being too short or short. Recently, the trolls responded by saying, "If anyone falls, he's a buddha buddodu. In this context, he once again shared a video giving the trolls a chance.

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She shared a video on Facebook showing her acting talent with strange expressions and captioned it as Expression Queen. However, this is where the lentils burn in the pulp.

Spelling mistakenly called Expresstion instead of Expression. With this, the trolls who saw it are commanding Harika. Netizens are satirically commenting that BigBoss speaks English all over the house and gives a buildup of English sins. But he had no reason to troll like this.

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Why did netizens target her for such a small matter? Harika has said many times that she wants to speak more in Telugu but English is more .. Telugu is less spoken. Besigga was a Telugu girl but the audience was impatient with her willingness to speak English. Moreover, the host Nagarjuna also used to say that Harika speaks in Telugu every week. Harika, who was warned by Bigg Boss to leave the house if she spoke English, did not change her ways.

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