Badva Rascal Movie Review & Ratings & News! Know Actor Dhananjay's Performance

Badva Rascal 2022 Movie review & ratings

Release Date: February 18

Title: Poor Rascal (2022)

IMDB Ratings: 2.5/5

Cast: Dhanunjay, Amrita Iyengar, Nagabhushan, 

Rangayana Raghu, Touch Line etc.

Director: Shankar Guru

Producer: Savitrama, Adavi Swami

Co-Producer: Khushi

Music: Vasuki Vaibhav

Editor: Niranjan Devaramane

Lyrics and Dialogues: Ram Vamsikrishna

Actor Dhanunjay impressed by playing the role of Jalireddy in the movie 'Pushpa'. His latest film is 'Baadava Raskel' which is starring as a hero in Kannada. Directed by Shankar Guru, the film was produced by Dhanunjay in Kannada. Released in December last year, the movie was a super hit. With this, the film was dubbed into Telugu and released. Did Bad Rascal's release on the 18th of this month impress the audience? Or not? Read in the review ..

Movie Story:

Shankar (Dhanunjay) is the son of auto driver Ranganath (Rangayana Raghu) from a middle class family. Although he has an MBA, he drives an auto to help his father. In this sequence the hero falls in love with Sangeetha (Amrita Iyengar), the daughter of a wealthy politician. The two get married and want to be one. The heroine tells your mom to come with dads and talk to our parents about our wedding. OK Shankar goes to their house with his parents. The incident that took place there at that time turns the lives of both of them and after that incident they become estranged. Meanwhile the hero is kidnapped. Why did the original heroines split up? Who kidnapped Shankar? Did they get a greeting card for their love story? Or not? That's a must see for poor rascals!

Performance of the cast:

Immersed in the role of Dhanunjay as Shankar, a middle class youth. Nowhere in the emotional scenes did he back down. Musically the heroine‌ Amrita Iyengar is impressed with the beauty and performance. Nagbhushan, who played a friend of Shankar, made a good comedy and tried to make everyone laugh. Rangayana Raghu, the parents of the hero, impressed the stars. The tangent line as the mother of the heroine entertained with negative shades.

Performance of technicians:

Director Shankar Guru showed middle class values ​​on screen and created scenes to make the audience feel family emotions. But there seemed to be some hesitation in terms of story, narrative. The music provided by Vasuki Vaibhav is catchy. The songs and background music give strength to the film. The cinematography provided by Pritam Jayaraman is good. It would be nice to do a little more exercise on editing.


Poor Rascal‌ is a casual love story in which nothing big seems like a new point. If not the director focused mainly on family sentiment. The mother was able to show the son and father-son attachment very well. But it would have been nice if the focus on Fastoff had been shown on Secondoff as well. The second half feels stretched even though the first half runs. The climax is also as expected without the big twists. Friendship, love, family emotions seem to be the big plus for this movie.

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