Bhama kalapam 2022 Movie Review: How is the murder mystery starring Priyamani?

Bhama kalapam 2022 Movie Review

Bhama Kalapam
 2022 Full Telugu Movie Review, Ratings & News

Release Date: February 11, 2022

IMDB Rating: 2.75 / 5

Cast: Priyamani, Shanthi Rao, John Vijay, Saranya Pradeep, Pammi Sai

Directed by: Abhimanyu

Producer: Bapinidu, Sudhir

Music Director: Justin Prabhakaran, Mark K. Robin

Cinematography: Deepak Yergara

Editor: Viplav Naishadham

The Telugu web film "Bhama Kalapam" starring Priyamani in the lead role. Launched as a crime comedy thriller, the film has been released on the Aaha app. The movie teaser & trailer aroused good interest. And let's see if this web film is on the same level .. !!

Movie Story:

Anupama Mohan (Priyamani) is an ordinary housewife. She enjoys a successful career as a YouTuber, cooking her favorite dishes. Another habit she has, along with her family and YouTube channel, is to keep abreast of what is going on in her society. Anupama is unknowingly involved in a murder case in order to find out.

How did Anupama, who actually cooks at home, get stuck in a murder case? How did he protect his family from any harm? Is the story of "Bhama Kalapam".

Bhama Kalapam 2022 Priyamani Raj

Actors' Performance:

There is nothing special to be said about the performance of National Award winner Priyamani. Impressed with her role as a Working Woman in the Already Family Man web series, Priyamani plays the average housewife in the film. There are so many shades in her character. Priyamani uttered them all in her own eyes. She exhibited different variations as a housewife, a responsible mother, and a patient wife.

John Vijay as Nair entertained in the role of Don with comic sense. Saranya as a maid and Shanti Rao as a police officer did justice to their respective roles.

After Priyamani, Kishore was unexpectedly impressed by "Carafe Kancharapalem" as Father Daniel. His characterization is also good.

Technique Performance:

From production design onwards, artwork & camera work are all adapted to project worth.

Director Abhimanyu started the story as a simple thriller. The elevation of the birth of Jesus Christ to the story in particular is commendable. However .. he was hesitant about the very important ending for this type of story. Tried for the classic touch and forgot the basic ending. The heroine gave a good ending to the character but .. what is the end for the characters revolving around that character is not elevated as proper.

Hence it seems to be semantically over. Abhimanyu earned more marks as a narrator than as a director. It would have been nice if the last 15 minutes had been dealt with as nicely as possible. Then the audience also had the feeling of seeing a complete thriller.

Movie Analysis:

The movie "Bhama Kalapam" has all the elements required for a thriller movie. Priyamani's acting mature, even though it was shot in the same location .. I can happily watch this web film once for the story that went without getting bored anywhere. If not .. the ending would have been a much better cinematic experience if it had been planned as Inka Proper.

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