Brahmanandam dragged into the middle .. Dirty Sreemukhi!

Sreemukhi instagram pic, reels

Needless to introduce Sreemukhi, who entered the industry through the Patas show on television and gained a lot of recognition by acting as the anchor of the show.

In this way, Sreemukhi became more and more popular through the show Bigg Boss, where she worked as a presenter for various shows on television.

However, despite his popularity with the Bigg Boss show, his chances were not good.

Sreemukhi makes a splash on TV only through a particular program. She is now acting as a presenter for the comedy Stars show which is being aired on Star Mallo and is being replaced by Dipika Pillai as the presenter. Used to be.

Looks like Sreemukhi, who has gone missing from the big screen, is all set to rock the silver screen.

But yet another project, Shrimukhi, seems quite busy.

Ramulamma, who got a chance on the silver screen, is also very active on social media. It is not uncommon for them to chat with their friends on social media platforms. Happy birthday in a different way.

On this occasion, apart from wishing him a happy birthday, many more from Raw Saket called Happy Returns, he also thanked Brahmanand by dragging him in a cameo role in his dance video.

As soon as Dance shared the video on the Instagram reel, it went viral on social media and many fans not only wished her a happy birthday but also praised Sreemukhi as a "super akka". Fans are praising Sreemukhi for commenting in her own style.

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