DJ Tillu (2022) Movie Review & Ratings: 'DJ Tow' Review .. Sound stopped and stopped

DJ Tillu (2022) Movie Review

Dj Tillu 2022 Full Telugu Movie Review, Ratings & News

Release Date: February 12, 2022

IMDB Rating: 3 / 5

Cast: Siddunaarthrisa, Neha Shetty, Prince Sicil, Brahmani

Directed by: Vimal Krishna

Producer: Sunhore Naga Vamsi

Music Director: Srichhargan Salla

Cinematography: Sai Prakash Jungle

Editor: Newen

The film "DeJ Touls" was the story of the story of Siddshi, who earned a good recognition of the story, as the storytelling, as the storytelling, such as the storytelling, as the storytelling, as the storyteller, such as the storytelling, as the storytelling in the lock down story, such as "Krishna and His Lila, our strange shallow libu". The film is exponentially impressed with songs, teaser & trailer Youth Audience. Promoting the film is also good for the film (February 12) has been released. Let's see whether you can receive expectations that Touls Babu.

Movie Story:

In Hyderabad Local Galli, the famous Local DeJ Tils (Siddish Die). Life enjoying a gang of special recognition and making a gang of mintaine. Tils in Full Josh will enter into Life Life (Neha Shetty). Tims that liked her in the first look at the love with her in a murder case. How did it get out of that case? What is the relationship to that Murder for the original? It's the things that "DeGe Touls" see the movie.

DJ Tillu (2022) Movie Stills hd

Performance of the actors:

Today's lumbar character is good for Siddshi Own. The film is also written to the film, making the journey from the front with the character because of the transmitter into the rock. Comedy timing is better than Siddsh romantic Sense. In the film, the comedy sense was elevated in full. Youth Audience to Tils Characterization & Dialogues is connected to the character that enjoys the nature of the nature.

Neha Shetty Glamor Dose has raised a bit. However, that glamor dose is somewhere in the vulgarity zone. She became Main Esset to the film as ultra glamorous. Brahmaji, Prince, the roles of the dictum have made a good comedy for the film.

Technology Performance:

Srichharan has become the Main Highlights for the film of Srichharan's pellow & ram pepper. The cinematography is elevated to the Tinemants Production Range. Director Vimal & Hero Kum Wright is good to say that the good rapu is well-received. The bask is a very simple story, and it's also an original story to come to a stage.

But the cerealizations & comedy has come to the end of the film. Therefore it does not come to the Audience that needs to care about the story.

Movie Analysis:

Teaser & Trailer runs "Dij Tiles" movie that has been reduced to the Created Hype. Siddlu Acting & Dialogs, Neha Shetty Glamor & Main Esskates for Cinema Cinema. The Happy Youth Audiens are enjoyable without ignoring Lazen to Weekend. Positive talk to the rest of the movies released as a competition but does not have any doubt in declare the "DJ" as Weekend Winner.

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