Do you know anyone who is disturbing Samantha during workout ?

Samantha Instagram Photo

Tollywood star heroine Samantha does not want to be introduced specifically. Samantha is currently booming in terms of career.

The muddugumma is going to be busy with a series of film opportunities. It is known that Samantha will take more care in this regard.

It is against this backdrop that Samantha is constantly doing workouts. Samantha is at the forefront of throwing new challenges when it comes to fitness.

It was against this backdrop that Samantha once threw up the Level Up Challenge and the challenge became a national wide trend.

Samantha can carry a weight of one hundred kilos.

Samantha never backs down when it comes to workouts. Samantha takes her pets with her to the gym.

On the one hand Samantha is doing workouts while her pets are spinning around.

Samantha recently had a similar incident. While Samantha was doing her workout, her pets hush and Sasha were going under her legs and disturbing her.

With this Samantha shared a confrontational emoji.

All in all, Samantha is full busy with workouts. Samantha's Yashoda is busy completing the shooting of the film. Samantha is full busy with Telugu, Hindi and Tamil bilingual films.

Apart from that, Samantha is also working with a Hollywood director. On the other hand, Samantha is also working on Bollywood projects.

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