Khiladi (2022) Telugu Movie Review & Ratings! Know about Teja's Performance on Screen

Khiladi (2022) Telugu Movie Review, Poster

Khiladi is the second film directed by Ramesh Verma with Ravi Teja as the protagonist. The film, which was made by the two together after a disaster like "Veera", was well-received. The glamor & trailer of the heroines has risen well to the masses. Was Khiladi able to live up to those expectations as a movie? Was Ravi Teja able to get another win after "Crack"? Let's see .. !!

Story: Mohan Gandhi (Ravi Teja) is in jail for killing his wife (Dimple Hayati). He has Rs 10,000 crore under his control. With that, many politicians & deal makers fall behind Mohan Gandhi. Psychology student Pooja (Meenakshi Chaudhary) wants to save him from this case. If cut .. Mohan Gandhi who came out of jail will give a big shock to everyone. What is shock? Who was the original Mohan Gandhi? What's that 10 billion? The answer to such questions is the movie "Khiladi".

Cast: Ravi Teja has already done this kind of roles 20 times. So if you miss the new costumes, you will not see a new Ravi Teja. Energy is good .. Character & Characterization Reminiscent of "Kick" movie from time to time. Ravi Teja seems to be a bit old as he is due to lack of proper CG work. Ravi Teja did not give his 100% effort as an actor.

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The buildup given to Arjun's character has nothing to do with his characterization. Anasuya impresses the target audience with her glamor while not entertaining as an actress. Yet despite the innumerable characters .. no one has the proper impact .. with no big impact unless they keep coming and going.

Technical team performance: As Ravi Teja said at the pre-release event .. There is no content in the movie. There is a story but no narrative. In one case, that twistulemito .. People do not even understand what is actually coming. I do not know why Polomani put up character artists, it is called money laundering but .. that process is not shown anywhere. There are a lot of nonsense things that can be said in a movie like this. So, it must be said that Ramesh Verma has failed as a director.

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Although there are many specialties technically .. Ramesh Verma could not use those specialties properly. When it came to the climax, something seemed to have happened. Devi music is regular .. Background music is working. The bezium given by Devi to Interval Bang in particular gave a good impact to the scene. Cinematography & Production Design are in the high range.

Analysis: This is a movie that could not use Ravi Teja properly. Despite the heavy budget and excellent technicians' work, their efforts were in vain. However .. The only plus points of the movie are the presence of heroines glamor dose & some action blocks that impress the mass audience. So, besides being a Ravi Teja fan, you can enjoy this movie if you have a mind set & a little patience that does not care about logics.

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