LATEST SOUTH MOVIES 2022: Tollywood heroines are playing the role of a lawyer in their upcoming movies

Kirti Suresh new upcoming movie vaashi poster look

Wearing a black coat .. Tightly tied the knot .. Tightened the waist for justice. Yuvaranar‌ is ready to hear the argument. Two eyes are not enough to see if the beauty stars look so powerful.

The heroine Kirti Suresh surprises the audience by showing variations between the characters from time to time. It could be a biopic like ‘Mahanati’, it could be a sports drama like ‘Gudlalak Sakhi’, it could be the artistic character in the commercial film ‘Sarkaruvari Pata’ which Mahesh Babu is currently doing opposite ... any character can be fully present in it. Recently became a fame lawyer. You have to see in the movie 'Vashi' how she threatens the rival lawyer in court. This is a Malayalam movie starring Kirti Lawyer. Will be released soon. The celebrity look was released on Saturday to mark the occasion.

Tamanna wants to help Kirti Suresh Annayya as a lawyer. Do you want Tamanna to help Kirti Annayya? Tamanna will be arguing as a lawyer on behalf of Kirti On-Screen Annayya Chiranjeevi. It is known that the movie 'Bola Shankar' is being made under the direction of Mehr Ramesh with Chiranjeevi as the hero. Kirti Suresh is playing the role of Chiranjeevi's younger sister. It is learned that Tamanna will be playing the role of a lawyer. It is known that news is coming that there is a Telugu remake of 'Vedalam' made by Ajith in Tamil for the movie 'Bolashankar'. Shrutihaasan, who played the heroine in 'Vedalam', appeared in the role of a lawyer. So .. one can imagine Tamanna appearing as a lawyer in ‘Bola Shankar’.

Rashi Khanna hottest looks ever found in pink dress

Another beauty Rashi Khanna is also in the process of remembering the law sections. Because for ‘pucca commercial‌’. It is learned that Rashi Khanna will be seen as a lawyer in some scenes in the upcoming ‘Pakka Commercial’ movie directed by Maruti with Gopichand as the hero. The film is set to release on May 20 this year. On the other hand, Vimala Raman, the heroine of Tollywood's hit the screens with the 2009 film 'Anyone Anytime'. After that he acted in films like 'Injury 2', 'Raj' and 'Law'. But Vimala Raman's career in Telugu did not go as expected. But hit in Malayalam. Recently she is acting as a lawyer in a Malayalam movie. Vimala shared her lawyer look.

If you go to Hindi ... there is also a lawyer ready. Radhika Apte will play the role of a lawyer in the Hindi remake of the Tamil bumper hit movie 'Vikram Veda'. In Tamil, Madhavan plays Inspector Vikram, Vijay Sethupathi as Gangster Veda and Shraddha Srinath as Priya, a lawyer. The Hindi duo of Pushkar and Gayatri directors are shooting a Tamil remake. The remake stars Saif Ali Khan as Vikram and Hrithik Roshan as Veda. Also in the film, Saif's wife Radhika Apte will be seen as the lawyer. Along with them some other heroines are getting ready as lawyers to argue in court for justice.

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