Nothing has changed in ten years .. Tapsi's comments on heritage are viral!

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There is nothing special to be said about Muddugumma Tapsee who was introduced to the Telugu audience through the movie Jhummandi Nadam starring Manchu Manoj as the director under the direction of director Raghavendra Rao.

It is in this context that Tapsee, who has made a name for herself in the Bollywood industry by starring in a number of lady-oriented films, is now looking to set up a production house and give opportunities to others.

Recently, Tapsee starrer 'Loop Lapeta' was released on popular OTT platform Netflix.

Participating in the film's promotions, Tapsee not only talked about many interesting things but also made interesting comments about nepotism in the Bollywood industry. As part of this interview, Tapsee said that he came into the industry in the year 2010.

In other words, she has revealed that there has been no change in the industry for almost ten years after she came into the industry.

She expressed her opinion that I did not get good roles despite working so hard. If in the future a writer would come to me with a subject that only I could do and he would have to work very hard to convince a well-known director to produce a film with me to produce that film. The director told the production house that if they had a star kid, it would be an easy way for the production house to screen the film without any hassle.

That's why he set up his own production house, Outsiders, on his own. However, through this production house, Tapsee is not just giving opportunities to outsiders. On the occasion, Tapsee spoke about Nepotism in the Bollywood industry.

Loop Lapeta, currently starring Tapsee, got a good positive talk.

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