Review, Rating & News: Malli Modalaindi ZEE5 Telugu Ott movie, Know Naina's Performance on stage!

Review, Rating & News: Malli Modalaindi ZEE5 Telugu Ott movie

Marriage - Divorce ... Both of these have been the subject of many films in Tollywood so far. However the pictures described about both are short. How does divorce change people's lives? What does it mean to be married again? The film 'started again' with a key theme like. The film stars Sumanth and Naina Ganguly in the lead roles. Directed by TG Kirti Kumar, the film was released on G5 OTT. Let's see how this movie is.

Kathentante: Vikram (Sumant) is a chef. He falls in love with his favorite girl Nisha (Varshini Soundarajan) and marries her. The couple divorce after years of misunderstandings. He then falls in love with Pavithra (Naina Ganguly), the lawyer who divorced Nisha. But Vikram is afraid to get married for the second time. After marriage, he fights again .. He is afraid that he will have to go till divorce. Knowing this matter the saint drives him away. What happened in the end? Are Vikram's fears gone? Will the saint marry? That's what moviegoers need to know.

Naina Ganguly Zee5 telugu ott Movie 2022

Here's how: Director Keerthi Kumar shot the film with the story of how a person's life after divorce. Vikram and Nisha clash .. The story begins with a divorce by mutual consent. The director tries to show how society views divorced people. Vikram's falling in love with Nisha's lawyer Pavitra, on the other hand, goes through the first half with the hardships he goes through to get her love. Some of the scenes in this sequence seem a bit stretched. The story begins with Vikram finally accepting his love and asking him to marry him, and Vikram backs away from it.

For Vikram, who is in a dilemma whether to remarry or not ... The scenes where lawyer Kutumbarao (Posani Krishnamurali) explains the need for a second marriage move not only the hero but also the minds of the audience. The director has shown a social element of second marriage as a classic. In addition to the possible reasons for the couple's separation, the message underlying the story is that life is better if someone does not adjust when conflicts arise. Meanwhile Vikram's friend Kishore (Moonlight Kishore) is having a good time. Conversations are good. Especially for Vikram, the conversations between his mother Suja (Suhasini) are thought provoking.

Vikram. Sumanth & Naina Ganguly Ott Review

Who did it: Sumanth played the role of Vikram. Sumanth nicely explores the psychological conflict in that role. Naina Ganguly did justice to her role. Varshini Soundarajan, who entertains as a TV presenter, will no doubt be recognized as an actress with this film. Moonlight Kishore smiles as long as he appears with his own timing. The rest of the cast acted to the extent. It would have been nice if the director had chosen a good story and made the story as strong as possible. Some scenes seem plain. Construction values ​​are not fair. The cinematographer showed fine visuals as long as he could. The background music, both songs are so so so so.


+ Story

+ Sumanth acting

+ Conversations


- Article

- Slow narration‌

Finally: ‘It started again’ .. A feel good movie

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