Salman Khan congratulates his ex girlfriend on marriage without inviting him!

Actress Katrina Kaif  with salman khan

Actress Katrina Kaif fell in love with actor Vicky Kaushal and got married on the 9th of last month.

Their wedding was held in a grand manner at the Rajasthan Fort and was attended by many from the Bollywood film industry.

And Katrina Kaif did not invite co-star and her ex-boyfriend actor Salman Khan or his family to the wedding.

Katrina Kaif has been criticized for not inviting Salman Khan to her wedding, which has caused her to stay in Bollywood. And Salman Khan did not congratulate them on their marriage.

The finals of Bigg Boss Season 15 took place recently in which actress Rocky Sawant and Rubina Tilak danced to the song of actress Katrina Kaif.

Salman Khan then looked at the camera and greeted 'Katrina wedding wishes'.

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