Telugu actress Ashu Reddy advises fans to wear helmets!

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Television artist Ashu Reddy has fully expanded his acquaintance.

The kiss is also full active on social media. Occasionally encounters well trolls as well.

She initially impressed netizens with her Dubsmash videos.

Samantha's appearance in it caught everyone's attention. Thus Jr. earned the name Samantha.

In the process, she also got a chance to appear in a movie on the silver screen.

After this show, Ashu Reddy's career took a turn. Growing huge fan following. She is also a Power Star fan.

This is not the end of her feud with Bigg Boss title winner Rahul Sipliganj.

After that it became a rumor. She also made a name for herself as a lady comedian on the comedy show Comedy Star which aired on TV.

It has been rumored on social media that she is in love with him. She is currently working as an anchor on a show with Ravi.

All this aside, Ashu Reddy's social media frenzy is not all.

If you look at the dresses he wears, you should not forget.

She recently shared a video on her insta in which she climbed on a bike with anchor Ravi and posed in style.

She is facing trolls because of the dress she is wearing and the netizens who do not like the way she is doing are making negative comments.

Recently, a photo was taken with the same bike and it was written, "Wear a helmet."

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