What actress Priyamani said about Samantha dancing in Pushpa movie!

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Priyamani Raj made her acting debut in the 2007 film Paruthiveeran and won the National Award for Best Actress for the film.

Priyamani, who is a popular actress in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, has been widely talked about in the recently released The Family Man - 2 series.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Pushpa talks about Samantha's dancing in the film.

She said, Films that are important for actresses are being released in Tamil cinema. Actresses including Nayanthara and Samantha are carrying the entire film on their shoulders.

Actress Nayantara has been acting in a selection of excellent films like Netrikkan. He is also paired with actors Rajinikanth and Vijay.

The trend of Tamil cinema is changing. Emphasis is given to actresses.

It was her brave decision to play Samantha’s sexy dance in the film Pushpa. He did very well.

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