What is the name of the mass warning given by Dettadi Harika?

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With the advancement of technology in the present times, many people are using this technology to showcase their talent by making short films, videos and web series through their YouTube channel.

She gained a lot of recognition through her many YouTube videos and then got the chance to be a Bigg Boss contestant.

In this way, Dettadi Harika, who gained more popularity through Bigg Boss, is getting a lot of exciting opportunities after coming out of Bigg Boss.

Despite her talent and good mass spice content, she did not get a chance on the silver screen.

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Due to her short stature, Dettadi Harika has become a big problem for her. In this way, her height has become very embarrassing for her career. Coming up with comments like 'Buddha' and 'short', she got tired of commenting about him so many times and finally gave a warning in her own style to those who commented about her in this way.

How famous is the dialogue that NTR says as part of the movie Ramayya Vasthavayya starring NTR. Buddodu.Buddodu means guddaludadisi kodata.

In this way, the same dialogue is immediately remembered as if someone had made a fool of others. In this way, many counters were set up using the dialogue mentioned by NTR.

It was during this sequence that Dettadi Harika's turn came. It was during this sequence that Harika gave a mass warning in the NTR style in a way that would be well understood by those who troll about her height by sharing the dialogue that NTR says through Instagram Stories. Has changed.

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