Yami Gautam's Ott Review: "A Thursday" - Thrilling Hostage Drama! How is this Film?

A Thursday (2022) Yami Gautam's Ott Review, Poster

Release Date: February 19, 2022
IMDB Rating: 2.75 / 5
Cast: Yami Gautam, Karanveer Sharma, Atul Kulkarni,
Neha Dhupia, Dimple Kapadia

Directed by: Behzad Khambata
Producers: Ronnie Screwala, Premanath Rajagopalan
Music Director: Rushin Dalal, Kaizad Gerda
Editor: Sumeet Kotian

Famous glamorous actress Yami Gautam has given a break for a while to the latest movie "A Thursday". Come see how this movie released on the popular streaming app Hot Star looks like in all languages ​​or in the review.

A Thursday Film Story:

Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam) works as a teacher in a play school. However, she takes a few days off and comes back. When she thinks everything is fine, she unexpectedly kidnaps 16 children there and says she wants some demands. And who is the real teacher of this school? Why kidnap children? What he wants to know is that he has to watch this movie on Hot Star.

Yami Gautam's Stills From A Thursday

Movie Plus points:

The main highlight of the film is Yami. There is no doubt that she stands out as the highlight of her performance film from First to Last. For the most part his role remains a good challenge. She did it well and bled.

Also the first hour and a half in the movie is pretty good engaging. Also the climax pre climax episodes are good in the movie. Neha Dhupia, Dimple Kapadia and Atul Kulkarni have also done well in other key roles.

Movie Minus points:

The movie starts well but at other times it feels good too. But at times it feels like a very dull one at a time. Also in some key scenes the logic however seems to be too over the limit.

Also the emotions are so strong but nowhere does it seem to be elevated. It would also be nice if the media angle seen in the movie was shown in more detail.

Neha Dhupia Stills From A Thursday

Technical Details About This Film:

It has to be said that the production values ​​in this film are good. Also on the technical team though the music work feels impressive. A lot of exciting music can be heard in this movie in many scenes. Also the camera work is good. Editing is okay.

When it comes to director Bhajad, he chooses a bit of a routine plot line but presents it in a way that doesn't seem to matter. If not here's a new product just for you!

Final Conclusion:

As seen in the final, Main Lead Yami Gautam will be the first highlight of her performance in "A Thursday". As well as a few other elements also provide a good thrill. If not some logic, the slow narrative seems to have slowed down a bit. Just putting these aside, it will only impress thriller movie lovers.

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