Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu Review & Ratings : Women are Johars for you - only for families!

Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu Movie Review 2022

Release Date: March 4, 2022
IMDB rating: 3/5
Cast: Sharwanand, Rashmika Mandanna, Khushbu,
Radhika Sarathkumar and Urvashi
Directed by: Kishore Thirumala
Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Sujit Sarang
Editor: A. Srikar Prasad

The movie Adavallu Johars is directed by Thirumala Kishore with Sharwanand as the hero and Rashmika Mandanna as the heroine. The film was delivered by Sudhakar Cherukuri under the flag of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas. The film was released today. Also how about we go into the audit and figure out how much this film has dazzled the crowd!

Movie Story:

Chiranjeevi (Sharvanand) runs the wedding hall. He is left unmarried because of the women in his house. Wedding is making many attempts .. Wedding is not set. However, Chiranjeevi falls in love with Aadya (Rashmika Mandanna) and travels with her. The first one also likes Chiru. But it says not to get married. Clarity says she does not want to marry her mother Vakula (Khushboo). Why does she not like it yet? What will Chiranjeevi do to change the mother's mind? Finally Chiru - Will you meet first? Or not? Is the rest of the story.

Plus points:

How did the story of a boy who fell in love with a girl from a family who did not want to get married turn around? Director Thirumala Kishore said that he tried to make the film with good comedy. The emotional scene written by the heroine in Mother Point of View is also good. When it comes to acting .. in the role of Chiranjeevi .. Sharwanand laughed well with his comedy timing. Also impressed with emotional acting.

Rashmika mandanna stills from movie Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu

Sharwanand's expressions in some of the emotional scenes in the second half are also a special attraction of the film. Rashmika Mandanna, who played the heroine in this movie, excelled with her stunning look and glamorous performance. Urvashi, who also played a key role in the film, excelled in comedy with her gestures.

Khushboo's acting is very good in some emotional scenes. Also starring Radhika Sarath Kumar, Urvashi, Jhansi, Kalyani, Ravi Shankar, Satya, Pradeep Rawat, Gopa Raju, Banerjee, Rajita etc. in other lead roles. As well as the rest of the cast did full justice to their roles.

Minus points:

Although the comedy is a good workout in some parts of the movie .. the play is not interesting. However, despite the good plot taken by the director, the narration and the screenplay in some parts of the second half are boring with the sloppy treatment of the treatment that does not cause interest. In particular, the setup, scenes and screenplay are all routine. And even some of the love scenes between the heroines are not entirely impressive.

Over and over there are more and more love and unnecessary scenes that do not add strength to the story. Sequences that unite the love couple, some scenes like regular scenes also stand as a weakness for the film. On the whole the director was not able to elevate the content he intended well on screen. It would have been a plus for the film if so many scenes had been trimmed in the second half. Slow narration as the main stands as the main minus point for the film.

Technical Performance:

Speaking of technicians .. Thirumala Kishore as the director was completely unimpressed even though he didn't seem to mind. He also has to work well on the screenplay he writes. Too many lag scenes were reduced. The songs provided by music director Devi are good. In the same way the background score is also good in some key scenes. If the editor had trimmed the unnecessary scenes even tighter, the boredom in the film would have been greatly reduced. The cinematography is good. Some of the visuals are very natural as well as very beautifully shown. The creation values took on by the maker are great.

Final Conclusion:

Sharwanand's acting, Rashmi's glamor, comedy scenes in the first half as well as some family drama are impressive in this movie which is called 'Adavallu Meeku Joharlu'. However, the film's lack of narrative, uninteresting love scenes and key scenes and routine drama without strong conflict are some of the weaknesses of this film. On the whole, the film did not impress audiences from all walks of life, but it did impress the family audience.

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