EXCLUSIVELY; Manchu Lakshmi Says "I also experienced casting coach & body shaming"

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Manchu Lakshmi Open Up On Facing Casting Couch: Manchu made shocking comments on their girl Lakshmi Prasanna Casting Couch. He also said that he was a victim of the casting coach. The daughter of the iconic actor Mohan Babu was also interested in making these comments. On Tuesday (March 8), on the occasion of World Women's Day, Manchu Lakshmi slammed the national media. On this occasion she responded on the casting coach, body shaming. To this extent she said .. ‘Yes I did face these. Coming from a cine background I thought I would not encounter anything like this.

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But I'm still struggling to survive in the industry. I, Mohan Babu's daughter, also faced the casting couch. I was also exposed to body shaming trolls. I also suffer from body shaming due to my curved physique. Not to mention that he comes from a ‘cine background’ and everyone thinks he doesn’t have such problems. But that is wrong. Not in the movie industry alone. Every woman in any field faces all this. The casting couch is perfect wherever women work. The IT, banking sector is everywhere. Some of my friends tell me about things like this.

Trolls and body shamings are everywhere, not just in the movie industry. So regardless of these women should move forward and we should be as we like. Also said that this life is too short and should not be given a place in it. Ignore these and be happy. Manchu Lakshmi gave the message that this trolling and casting coach should not stop us, we should do what we want to do and achieve what we want to achieve. She is currently working on Malayalam and Tamil films. While Manchu Lakshmi is playing the key role in Mohanlal's Monster ', the lady will be seen as a police officer in a Tamil film.

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