Samantha did a paid promotion with Blenders Pride Alcohol; Also Trolled For Her Photoshoot

samantha instagram Post Paid Promotion with Blender's Pride

Samantha's full spotlight on her vocation after her separation from Naga Chaitanya. In this context he is trying to be as busy as possible without saying no to the offers that come his way. Already Sam has put almost half a dozen movies on the line. Also active in business with special songs, commercial ads. Samantha, who is earning like this with both hands, recently appeared in another commercial.

With this, netizens and Akkineni fans started trolling her profusely. Sam, which has so far promoted some commercial products on its social media, has recently promoted an alcohol brand. She starred in an ad promoting an alcohol brand called Blenders Pride. Sam looked a little bold in this video. This has led to criticism of her. So far there have been many trolls on heroines starring in similar ads.

Even though they know it, a group of people are commenting that it is surprising that Samantha is acting in such advertisements. Have you forgotten about being a star heroine? ' Not to mention that he is also impatient with his dressing in the ad. However, it seems that Samantha is going to do her job without caring about anyone after the divorce. That is why he does not seem to see any trolls coming at him.

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