Samantha introduce her new business: Samantha invests in 'Sustainkart' e-commerce platform

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Samantha Announce Her New Business: Many movie stars also excel in business. Already, star heroines like Ram Charan, Manchu Family, Samantha, Rakul Preet Singh and many more are stepping into the business. It is learned that recently Akkineni hero Nagachaitanya also went into business and started a restaurant. He started a restaurant in Hyderabad called Shoyu. In addition, he advertised through his business promotion. Meanwhile, Samantha has now stepped into another new business.

Sam, who is already excelling in the education and restaurant business along with a cloth brand called Sakhi, has recently invested in another business. Introduced her new business to everyone on the occasion of Women's Day. Samantha launches Sustain Cart, an e-commerce company similar to Flipkart. Sharing a photo related to this on his Instagram .. ‘I am very happy to be an investor in Sustain Cart’. Recently buyers in India are increasingly interested in Nature Friendly products. This Sustain Cart 'is written to cater to such products to suit their taste.

Samantha was also interested in announcing her new business just days after Naga Chaitanya recently announced her new business. Netizens have been reacting in various ways to the Sam post. Samantha is also commenting on announcing her new business to compete with her ex-husband. Netizens are of the opinion that Samantha, who has been active in various businesses while making a series of films as a heroine, has announced that she is competing with Chaithu as Sam has announced a new business that will not be idle for a moment.

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