Stand Up Rahul Review, Rating & Cast: Know about 'Varsha Bollamma' Performance on Stage

Stand Up Rahul Review, Rating & Cast

Release Date: 18 March 2022
IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10
Title: Standup Rahul: Put together
Cast: Rajtarun, Varsha Bollamma, Murali Sharma, Indraja, Vennela Kishore etc.
Director: Santo Mohan Veeranki
Producers: Nandakumar Abbineni, Bharat Maguluri
Music: Recipient Agusti
Cinematography: Shriraj Ravichandran

Rajtarun had a series of successes in the early days of his career with different concepts. Ranuranu lost his grip on the stories and became accustomed to receiving success. Rahul is the young hero who came to the forefront of the audience with the latest standup Rahul: put together movie. Laughing is a pleasure, laughing is a yoga. And did the hero really stand out as a stand-up comedian and make the audience chuckle? Did Rajtarun, who collapsed after a series of setbacks, stand up with this film? Or not? See the review ..Below

Stand Up Rahul Full Movie Cast:

Rajtarun, who wants something new, played the role of stand-up comedian Rahul. Not just in terms of looks, he showed variations in emotions to suit the character. Varsha Bollamma was impressed not only with her cuteness but also with her performance. There is nothing special to be said about the performance of senior actors Indraja and Murali Sharma. For whom the characters acted as if they were designed. Moonlight Kishore's comedy is good. Technically the film is impressive. Shri Raj Ravichandran did gimmicks with the camera. Svekar Agastya provided good music. Although this is the first movie for director Santo, he screened it as an experienced one. Otherwise he focused on the concept and could not focus on the conflict, the emotions.

Stand Up Rahul Movie Story:

Pooja Hegde's role in the standup comedy, Most Eligible Bachelor, is sure to come to mind. The stand-up comedian is almost all set to hide the sadness in his heart and make four laughs by telling four jokes so that the tragedy does not show up at all. The role played by Rajtarun in Standup Rahul is also the same. For Rahul (Raj Tarun), stand-up comedy means passion. Father Prakash (Murali Sharma) wants to do what he likes. The mother wants Indu (Indraja) to move forward with a view to the future. The two part ways when the hero is a child. Rahul continues to work with his favorite stand-up comedy.

In this sequence he falls in love with Shreyarao (Varsha Bollamma) who works in the same office. But Rahul, who hates to get married, wants to live together. Shreya seems to be okay with a live-in relationship even if he doesn’t want to win his love. The reason the hero loses faith in marriage is his parents. What about Rahul's parents? Did they split up? Why does the hero refuse to marry? Did their actual cohabitation last until marriage? Or not? Is what you need to know by watching a movie!

Stand Up Rahul Movie Analysis:

The concept chosen by the director is good. But it's a bit of a stretch to show that it's deeply connected to the audience. There seemed to be a great deal of concern as to why there was a possibility of further cultivating emotions in some places. The storyline, and his skill in creating characters to suit it, are great. Although the hero is a passion‌ standup‌ comedy it is notable that it does not cultivate a great deal of humor. It took a big actor like Murali Sharma but did not give much importance to his role. Another minus is that it does not provoke conflict between the characters.

The real story begins when the hero arrives in Hyderabad for a job. The audience will know the storyline as his family background is introduced. Curiosity dwindles as there are scenes where the viewer can anticipate what is going to happen next. If director Santo Mohan had focused even more on emotions, the film would have been in another range!

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