Bloody Mary (2022) Movie Review & Rating! Know Nivetha Pethuraj Performance

Bloody Mary Rreview Ratings

Movie information:

Release Date: April 15, 2021
Starring: Niveda Pethuraj, Brahmaji,
Ajay, Kiriti, Raj Kumar etc.
Director: Chandu Mondetti
Music Director: Kala Bhairava
Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Producer: TG Vishwaprasad
Banner: People Media Factory

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"Bloody Mary" is a web film directed by Chandu Monde and starring Tamil actress Nivetha Pethuraj in the title role. The film, which opens in the dark thriller genre, is being streamed on the Aaha app. Let's see if Bloody Mary continues the entertainment provided by Aaha every Friday .. !!

Full Story in English:

Mary (Nivetha Pethuraj), a girl who grew up in an orphanage. She's bold in moving forward with confidence even if her eyes do not look right. She lives with her friends (Kiriti, Rajkumar). One is deaf and the other is deaf. Thus, three people with disabilities can live without any problems. Unexpectedly, these three friends get stuck with Essay (Ajay).

That too in two murder cases. In fact, the trio had no direct contact with the murderers. How did Mary & Friends escape from these murder cases, from the essay, from the local Gunda (Brahmaji)? Is the storyline of the movie.

Movie Cast Details:

A Different & Powerful Role Mary who has never played Nivetha before. She did 100% justice to the character. The eyes do not look right, even if they are not fully elevated. Kiriti as a dumb and Rajkumar as a deaf man did not seem to mind. Ajay & Brahmaji did justice to the characters as villains. Ajay is the actor who got the highest marks in both of them. He played a character with different shades with his seniority. Also .. Hemant tried to laugh.

Technical Group Performance:

Karthik Ghattam is all about cinematography. Karthik takes the audience into a different zone. Karthik is always innovative in terms of color gradient and lighting. He continued it with Bloody Mary. So even if one understands what is going on at one stage .. Karthik technically keeps the audience engaged. Also .. Kalabhairava background music is also good. Added desired emotion to content & context. Production design & artwork is also good. Especially the climax 15 minute production design gives a good kick.

Director Chandu Mondetti shot the film Bloody Mary differently from his regular format. Although Karthikeyan and Savyasachi are thriller films so far .. In the case of Bloody Mary, the way the film is run with a character based theme is good. However .. Chandu did not explore Mary's character to the extent that she used Nivetha as an actress.

She is a character who has scope not only for terrifying elevation but also for huge emotion. Audien connectivity would have been even better if she had shown her growth with even more montages. However .. Chandu was successful in providing a thrilling cinematic experience to the audience.


A good dark thriller "Bloody Mary". You can definitely watch this web film streaming on Aha app not only for time pass but also for a different cinematic experience. Nivetha acting, Karthik Ghattamaneni cinematography, Kalabhairava music are major plus points for the film.

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