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Title: Mission Impossible
Cast: Tapsee, Harish Parody, Roshan, Bhanuprakash, Jai Tirtha etc.
Production Company: Matney Entertainment‌
Producer: Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy
Directed by: Swaroop R.S.J.
Music: Mark K. Robin
Cinematography: Deepak Yergara
Release Date: April 01, 2022
mission impossible 2022 telugu review

Not just big movies in Tollywood .. If the concept is good, even small movies are a huge success. If there is something new in the story, the audience is coming to the theaters regardless of whether it is a big or a small movie. That is why in recent times short films in Tollywood are boldly coming forward to the audience through theaters. Even though most of them have been successful. Another recent short film is 'Mission Impossible'. After a long time, Tapsee Pannu made a re-entry in Telugu with this film. `Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya` Fame Swaroop RSJ Directed the film. The teaser, which has already been released, received a good response to the trailer and created hype on the movie. Let's take a look at the review of 'Mission Impossible', which was released this Friday (April 1) amid huge anticipation.

You are sitting ..

Shailaja alias Shaila (Tapsi) is an investigative journalist. Doing research on the child trafficking mafia. She plans to take Ramshetti (Harish Parody), a mafia don, to the police as Red Handed. The style of knowing that Ram Shetty has sketched out a plan to move small children from Bangalore to Dubai .. takes him to the police with solid evidence and sets out to save the children.

If you cut .. Raghupati, Raghava and Rajaram (R.R.R.R.) from Tirupati, all three boys get all the work except education. Their goal is to make money anyway and become famous. In the process of thinking about how to make money .. the news comes on TV that if Dawood is caught .. he will get a reward of Rs 50 lakh. Seeing that, the three take Dawood and leave for Mumbai without telling him at home to get a prize of Rs 50 lakh. And did those three go to Mumbai and catch Dawood? What is the link between Raghupati, Raghava and Rajaram who wanted to get Rs 50 lakh prize money by ignoring Shailuki and Dawood who wanted Mafia Dawn to be taken to the police? Did the original guys really go to Mumbai? Mafia don Ramshetti was caught red handed by the police .. How did these three friends help? How did the RRR mission benefit the style mission? The rest is the story of who succeeded in this mission.

How is it ..

Director Swarup RSJ caught everyone's attention with his debut movie 'Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya' Another movie is coming from him .. There are definitely moderate expectations. In addition, with Tapsee's re-entry into Tollywood long after, moviegoers had high hopes for 'Mission' Impossible '. But the director did not live up to their expectations. The story lacks novelty. Logic is missed in many places. The story of 'Mission' Impossible 'begins with the investigative journalist's style killing Dan himself with a seventeen-year-old boy, inserting an elusive logic to justify it. With the comedy of Raghupati, Raghava and Rajaram characters, Faustaf is all about fun. The innocent things that children do in order to make money are laughable. The jokes about Trivikram, Rajamouli, Sukumar and Puri Jagannath also exploded. The interval twist is impressive.

In the second half, the whole story revolves around investigation. However, child trafficking, the difficulties that children fall into .. All these feel like the scenes seen in past movies. Apart from the fact that there are no twists in the story .. there are lots of scenes that have no logic. Kids who don't even know that Mumbai and Bombay are one and the same in Fastoff .. It feels cinematic to act so smart when it comes to Secondoff. Shailaja, an investigative journalist, intercepts three children on a dangerous mission that the average viewer cannot swallow. Harish's parody vilinism also did not explode so much. The climax is also very routine.

Who did it ..

This is a Telugu movie starring Tapsee after a long time. She made a re-entry with a new character. Tapsee did justice to the role of investigative journalist style. Although her role in the film is very short, she has acted well as long as she can. The main strength of the film is the acting of Roshan, Bhanuprakash and Jai Tirtha. The trio played the roles of Raghupati, Raghava and Rajaram. Laughed with their own comedy. And technically .. Mark K Robin's music is good. The songs go on as part of the story rather than being brought up. The background music is also impressive. Deepak Yergara Cinematography is good. Each scene was shown on screen very naturally to suit the story. Dialogues are OK. The editor has to say the least work for his scissors. The production values ​​are in line with the level of the film. Finally .. without looking for logicians .. Mission‌ Impossible‌ laughs here and there.

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