Bhala Thandanana 2022 movie review, imdb ratings, cast & actress name

Bhala Thandanana 2022 movie review, imdb ratings, cast & actress name

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Movie information:

Rating: 1.5 / 5
Release Date: May 06, 2022
Cast: Lord Vishnu, Catherine Theresa etc.
Directed by: Chaitanya Danthuluri
Producer: Rajani Korrapati
Photography: Suresh Ragutu
Music: Manisharma
Production: Varahi Film
Banner: Varahi movie

The latest movie to have Lord Vishnu as the protagonist is "Bhala Thandanana". Launched as an action thriller, the film is directed by Chaitanya Danthuluri of "Banam, Basanti" fame. Srivishnu's previous films and released promotional films did not attract much interest in the film. Let's see how impressive the movie released today is .. !!

Full Movie Story:

Chandu (Srivishnu) works as an accountant in an NGO. The acquaintance with Shashirekha (Catherine), an investigative journalist who came to cover the injustice in the company, turns into love. The two unexpectedly find Anand Bali (Garuda Ram) in the hawala business. Chandu-Shasirekha will unexpectedly participate in the hawala of Rs 2,000 crore at once.

What is the original Chandu past? What has Shashirekha got to do with hawala? Why did Chandu stand in the way of Anand Bali hawala business? That is something to look at and know.

Bhala Thandanana 2022 movie review, imdb ratings

Full Cast Detail:

Lord Vishnu impressed in a role with two different shades. However .. the audience will not connect to Srivishnu's character behavior as he will end up giving clarity in the second part without giving proper justification to Srivishnu's character.

Catherine was impressed with the egg as well as the performance. I have to say that she got a nice role when there was a little gap. "KGF" fame Garuda has elevated comedian law by putting a wig that does not suit him even if the vilinism is good. Hence the audience could not fail at his cruelty. The Posani-Truth combination laughed again after "Rowdy Fellow".

Bhala Thandanana 2022 movie actress name

Technical Group Performance:

Chaitanya Danthuluri's previous two films are not Commercial Pot Boilers. He wanted to send a good message with both the films. Basanti, however, could not entertain as the arrow worked. That is why Chaitanya screened "Bhala Thandanana" for commercial success. However .. with this film he disappointed the audience more as a narrator than as a director. Faustoff matched the entire character introductions. Although the second half did not seem to matter.

Cameraman Suresh Ragutu gave his best. Manisharma's lyrics are soso .. but he is impressed with the background music. It would have been nice to have had the utmost care when it comes to production design.

Movie Analysis:

The movie "Bhala Tandanana" was not entertaining due to lack of proper clarity-justification in terms of screenplay & characterizations. Although Srivishnu seems to be okay as an actor .. Chaitanya Danthuluri as the narrator remains an OTT watch as he is disappointed.

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