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Saani Kaayidham 2022

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Saani Kaayidham 2022 Movie info:

Title‌: Saani Kaayidham 2022
Cast: Keerthi Suresh, Selva Raghavan, Murugadoss, Kanna Ravi, Lizzie Antony etc.
Directed by: Arun Matheswaran
Producer: d. Prabhakaran, Siddharth Ravipati
Music: Sam CS
Cinematography: Yamini Yajnamurthy
Editing: Naguran Ramachandran
Release Date: May 6, 2022 (Amazon Prime Video)

'Saani Kaayidham' is the latest film starring 'Mahanati' Kirti Suresh in the role of Dee Glamorize. The Tamil film 'Sani Kaidham' was released in Telugu on May 6 on Amazon Prime as 'Chinni'. The movie also stars Selva Raghavan, the brother of Kollywood star hero Dhanush, in a pivotal role. However, while doing commercial movies, Kirti Suresh is entertaining with the heroine 'Syntric Films'. Kathenti is a short film directed by Arun Matheswaran. How is Kirti Suresh acting in this? What is the role of Selva Raghavan? Let's see in the review.

Saani Kaayidham 2022 Story:

Saani Kaayidham (Kirti Suresh) is survived by her husband Marappa and five-year-old daughter Dhana. Marappa, who works in a rice mill in the village, wants to contest the local elections. The mill owner who works in Marappa does not like it. In this sequence the quarrel with the mill owner goes on until a change is made against him. The mill owner, who saw this as a big insult, and his friends wanted to destroy the Marappa family. What did the mill owner do to the small family? What did Chinni do to it? How did you get revenge on them? What is the relationship of Chinniki to Rangayya (Selva Raghavan)? 'Chinni' movie is a collection of things.

Saani Kaayidham 2022

Saani Kaayidham 2022 Analysis:

The short film story dates back to 1989. Director Arun Matheswaran narrated the story of how the upper castes in the society at that time looked after the poor. We've seen a lot of revenge drama stories like this so far. However the more emotional the scenes in the story the more the audience will be connected to those scenes. The director has been successful in this regard. The atrocities committed by the mill owner against the small family make the audience emotional. It's nice to start the movie with a black and white theme and show those scenes in color to connect to what happened in the past. Revenge‌ Drama so the scenes in this movie go as the audience expected.

The murders committed by Chinni and Rangayya are impressive despite being violent. The director has succeeded in making these scenes interesting and thrilling. Otherwise these scenes are far from reality. The movie seems completely out of logic. Each character in the film is stretched in order to be shown in detail. Without songs in a story like this the audience’s patience would not have been tested. 'Chinni' is definitely a favorite of movie lovers who enjoy crime thrillers. 'Chinni' is a better option for those who want to watch a movie for Timepass at OTT this week.

Saani Kaayidham 2022 Keerthi Suresh

Actors Performance:

After 'Mahanati', Kirti Suresh voted for Lady Oriented movies like 'Penguin', 'Miss India' and 'Gudlak Sakhi'. However, they did not bring much recognition to Kirti Suresh. But with 'Chinni' he seems to have introduced something new in his acting to the audience. Kirti Suresh impresses in the role of 'Chinni' as a constable who aspires to live with his family. Her performance as a woman who defends herself in revenge is very entertaining. Selvaraghavan played the role of Rangayya. He showed the mark in acting. Other actors also did justice to their roles.

The music feels like a major strength to this film. The background music provided by Sam CS is very impressive. This allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the story. However, the story of this short movie, which was finally screened by director Arun Matheswaran, is not new but the approach is good. The screenplay would not have seemed stretched to the viewer if it were not for the slog. So if you want to see a good revenge drama despite the slog, you can try the 'Chinni' movie.

Chinni 2022 Official Movie Trailer:

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